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Using Switches for Communication

Its interesting to see how the advent of touch devices has changed some of the world of Assistive Technology. One of the areas which has felt that impact has been the use of switch technology for people with physical disabilities, as there has been the growth of an assumption that touch screens are "a bit like using a switch"

The truth is quite different, the skills and abilities to use a touch device, notably accuracy and cognitive sequencing are quite different to the levels required to use a switch, and of course switches can pretty much use any intentional movement, to establish control over technology.

So I was really pleased to find this little booklet on switches via my Pinterest page - its a valuable guide to how to use a switch, what switches are available and how to mount them etc.

I really do recommend it to you, as a refresher on issues to consider, or as an introduction to switch use I think youll find it helpful

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